How the idea starts

A lot of people ask me how I get ideas for some of the drawings and paintings I do. There really is no “method”, they just come. Like this morning, I was in the shower and started drawing with my finger on the steamy glass. That is how my two ideas started today.

After the shower I grabbed paper and pencil and quickly jotted down some rough shapes and wrote down colors I had in my head.  I pulled out my supplies which consist of the traditional brushes, paints and then I grab my quirky items I use to create different textures. These can  range from a pizza cutter, a drinking straw to a spoon we use to get innards out of a pumpkin. Sometimes I raid the kids piggy bank for a coin to use. Anything goes!  I really wanted bubble wrap today, but I couldn’t find any so I used Makenzie’s little fingers to poke into the molding paste. It worked well and she enjoyed poking the canvas.

The first idea is started, it is a heavily textured abstract. The second is still on paper and I am still thinking about it.  Often ideas stay on paper or in my brain cooking until it is ready to be done or discarded. Paste should be dry soon and I will be working on the newest piece of work to come out of this nutty head of mine.

Below is a picture of some of the supplies I pulled out to use today. Image

Here is a rough sketch of two ideas, the abstract with circles I have started on canvas today. The other is still cooking in my head.



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